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The collaboration between Kyrgyz National University named after Zhusup Balasagyn (KNU) and Yenepoya University in strengthening and developing educational, scientific, cultural, and other types of relationships. The Parties recognize their mutual interest in empowering medical education, and fostering joint research, academic exchanges, and various collaborative initiatives.

Specific Areas of Cooperation
  • • Academic exchanges, including student exchanges, exchange of experience in teaching, research and work in other areas of mutual interest.
  • • xchange of bibliographic and other information materials of mutual interest;
  • • Development of exchange programs for administrative staff;
  • • Development and implementation of joint educational and research programs and their components and joint research and publications;
  • • Organization and holding of joint educational, scientific, cultural events (conferences, seminars, colloquia, symposia, etc.);
  • • Participation in the preparation and submission of applications for financial support from relevant organizations in both countries, whether government, industry or business, as well as international organizations.


The collaboration serves as a foundation for enhancing medical education and research collaboration between KNU and YU, with a focus on promoting academic excellence and benefiting both institutions and their students.

Managed By

  • Yenepoya University